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Integrated Program

Who is it for?

Our integrated program focuses on 21st century skills – the 4 Cs of communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking beyond the foundation skills of numeracy and literacy that are developed in the schooling time.
This flagship program of Little Duckling Daycare combines holistic learning and care in one. You can choose from the half and full-day integrated program, starting from 8 am till 8 pm to keep your little champ happily engaged throughout. They get ample time to play independently in an unstructured fashion, in the areas of Making, Foundational Science, Yoga & Zumba, Music etc.

They participate in various collaborative story building activity, let their creative juices flow through crafts like origami, enact their favourite characters or feed their curiosity with various riddles. They do all this and more with an aim to immerse themselves and learn in an experiential way, instead of being told or taught facts verbally.
Our little munchkins also develop strong socio-emotional skills such as Empathy, Independence and Self-Regulation right from the beginning, even through simplest of activities like eating during their mealtimes.

After school learning sessions – to help them stay a step ahead, today and tomorrow.

A glimpse of your little one's day in our full-day integrated program

Morning Free Play & Breakfast

Circle Time in the Studio

Attendance, Story, Movement songs, Conversation

Pre-Math in the Studio

Sorting, Classifying Patterning

Mid-Morning Snacks

Pattern writing in the Stage

Practicing different forms which constitute letters

Afternoon Storytelling

In The Nook

Lunch & Nap

Free Play

In The Playscape & The Outdoors

Unstructured Art and Craft

In The Workshop

Gross Motor in the Playscape

Body Balance Walking, Tip-toeing etc.

Evening Snacks

School Cinema

In The Stage Integration of language and life skills


In The Playscape Structured physical activity

Free Play in various rooms